Top 10 Germiest Places In Your Home (And How To Clean Them)

Now that it’s spring you may be thinking of how to clean your home, whether it's overhauling your closet or tackling those dirty kitchen counters, making sure there are no traces of food and debris in your household. There are the usual germ-infested culprits like the toilet seat or your children’s toys, but there are other areas of your home that are often overlooked when we think of doing our spring cleaning. Here are 10 areas in your home that may be harboring bacteria.


Your Purse

    Lipstick, wallet, keys, loose change, mints…your purse holds all the things you’ll need on-the-go but your most prized possession could also contain a lot of germs. A study conducted by the Initial Washroom Hygiene has shown that purses can contain more contaminants than your average toilet seat! 

    Cleaning Solution: Depends on the fabric of your bag but generally using some mild soap mixed with warm water can help get rid of dirt and any make up residue.


    Soap Dispensers

      Think about it: we often reach for soap dispensers when our hands are dirty, but have you ever taken time to clean them? Rather than leave the washroom with more germs on your hands than before washing, make sure to give these a good rinse. To maintain your hand hygiene, make sure to follow up with hand sanitizer and resist against diluting your dispensers with water, making it less effective in fighting against bacteria.

      Cleaning Solution: Use a damp cloth or hand towel in front of you and a squirt of our All Over Soap.  


      Your Coffee Machine

        A strong brew can help get you through the roughest days, but coffee machines can also harbor mold if they are not cleaned daily. Since coffee machines are a moist environment, mold and bacteria can easily proliferate and affect the taste of your coffee (leaving a bitter taste) along with causing health concerns. Allergy symptoms like headaches, coughing and sneezing can be triggered by a moldy cup of coffee.

        Cleaning Solution: Rather than just using warm water also use white vinegar to remove bacteria and mineral buildup.


        Your Makeup Sponge

          Your trusty beauty blender which makes your makeup look flawless could also be a germ culprit as well. Just try cutting it open to see why. A little-known fact is that 'beauty blenders' are only good to use for 3 to 4 months. After that time period, it should be tossed, or it could aggravate your skin or cause blemishes.

          Cleaning Solution: After your makeup application, wash your beauty blender with some warm water and baby shampoo or a beauty blender cleanser then let it air dry.


          Your Bathrobe

            Lounging around the house in a bathrobe during a lazy weekend can feel so hygge but it’s also important to give this self-care item some much needed TLC. Your bathrobe can contain moisture since it’s your go-to garment post-shower. A lot of residue can build up over time from body oils, lotion and sweat so make sure to also toss this item into the washing machine as well!

            Cleaning Solution: Machine wash and dry to remove moisture.


            The Kitchen Sink

              Think about all the things that end up in your kitchen sink: raw meat, leftovers, dirty dishes…it’s no wonder that this area consistently shows up as one of the top germiest places in the household! The moist environment makes it easy for salmonella and E.coli to survive and spread.

              Cleaning solution: Use a strong disinfectant. A light cleaning formula won’t be strong enough to kill all the bacteria in your sink and make sure to do this regularly! Also, don’t forget to clean your kitchen sponge as well.


              Your Yoga Mat

                It’s easy to forget about cleaning your yoga mat when you’re trying to squeeze in a workout between appointments but wiping down your mat and any other workout equipment should be done on a regular basis. Bacteria on a yoga mat can linger for weeks if not cleaned properly which can lead to skin conditions like acne, skin infections and even toenail fungus.

                Try to use your own mat when possible rather than the ones provided in class. You never know what germs may be lingering there! Always wipe down your mat before and after your workout since it’s very easy to encounter debris in the studio or sweat.

                Cleaning Solution: DIY your own cleaning solution using water or vinegar or try Our Germs Away Mist! It is an antimicrobial spray that uses 12 essential oils to kill odors and bacteria.


                Your Keyboard

                  We use our computers or laptops everyday to type up assignments for school or for work so make sure to give your keyboard a wipe every now and then.

                  Cleaning Solution: Here's my favourite DIY cleaning spray that's easy to make and effective for household surfaces. 


                  Your Cellphone

                    We all know by now that our cellphones are one of the dirtiest items in our home. We use our phones for everything nowadays (ordering groceries, paying bills, setting up our next hair appointment) and take them everywhere with us, checking it constantly for new emails and text messages. 

                    All the dirt and germs on our hands are transferred onto our phones throughout the day so it’s important to clean our screens to prevent getting sick.

                    Cleaning Solution: Wash your hands often and clean your phone with water and a drop of our Germs Away Concentrate along with a microfiber cloth. This is a very versatile product that can be used for a number of ways to keep you squeaky clean. Here are ten ways to use our Germs Away formula.



                      After having company over, all you may be thinking about is getting a restful night’s sleep but along with tidying up, it’s worth taking some time to wipe down areas that guests have come into close contact with. Doorknobs have been found to contain streptococcus, salmonella, and E.coli when left uncleaned. So rather than risk getting sick, make sure to disinfect and wash your hands afterwards.

                      Cleaning Solution: Make your own cleaning solution using vinegar and baking soda, or warm water with All Over Soap. 

                      And there you have it, ten places in your home where germs may be lingering! Hopefully, you find these cleaning solutions helpful. Let us know if we missed any other places in the home that are often overlooked.


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