How to use our Elixir Oil and Serum is something we get asked about quite frequently, so I thought I'd share this answer with you, which I sent back to our customer Susan! 

Dear Graydon,
You sell a couple of face oils, but I don’t really understand how to use them. Do I treat a face oil or your serum just like a moisturizer? Am I supposed to use it on its own? Or layer it with moisturizer? Can you help?? — Thanks, Susan W.


Dear Susan,

I use our Elixir Oil and our Serum just the way I’d use moisturizer. I feel like oil (which women have been using for centuries, as opposed to moisturizer which is a relatively new invention) works amazingly well for me especially when I follow the application of it with sun protection &/or primer. Using a face oil as a base plumps up my skin, makes it feel infinitely softer and glowy. Or when I apply an oil in my evening routine, I usually apply a double layer on my face

My very favorite use for our All Over Elixir Oil is towards the end of the work day before leaving to go out. Instead of layering on some makeup I pump out a little, and massage it between my palms and pat it lightly on my face (avoiding eye makeup) but hitting everywhere else, especially under my eyes. 

all over elixir oil

Try this out, and when you do, wait a minute or two, and then have a look in the mirror: Your skin should be refreshed, glowy and almost like you just retouched your makeup. 

I generally add a spritz of our Face Food for an extra wake up call. Followed by a chunk of dark chocolate! 

- Graydon

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