“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure"

“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure"

~ Sylvia Plath

Therapy is expensive. Yoga is usually a car ride away - and at least a $20 drop for the fee. Retail therapy is fun, but fleeting.

But “passive heating” (which means that you are warming your body up while relaxing, instead of running or exercising to get sweaty) has been proven to be a pretty sweet way to improve your health and wellness.

A good, hot bath is self-care gold and my favorite way to relax and detox. A hot bath can have the caloric burn as a half-hour brisk walk and help the body regulate blood sugar. It can help to reduce chronic inflammation and support the immune system.

Sounds perfect for the upcoming cold season, right? Aside from the health benefits, the other reason that I love recommending a hot bath is that it’s a relatively cheap way to create a habit of self-care.

A healing bath can be as luxurious as a trip to a spa, and as therapeutic as an hour on the couch in your therapist’s office, without having to arrange for a babysitter or even leave your home.

In a world where it feels like every moment is plugged in, every little treat is ridiculously expensive, and life can be so over-complicated, bathing is really an ancient and inexpensive ritual that can pretty much cure it all. 

Follow these steps for a soak that's fit for a goddess! 

Take all the clutter out of and around your tub. Simply move it aside (you don't have to turn this into an organizing session) This includes loofahs, razors, or any other clutter. Start with a clear space. 

Gather a candle or two and arrange them around your tub and sink. Have some incense or a sage stick? Get it burning. Lighting and burning is a great way to start a ritual, clear stagnant energy, and invite in healing. 

Get some mineral salts. A cup or two will do. In case you didn't know, magnesium from the salts is helpful for sore muscles and for relaxation. Feel free to add in a scoop of baking soda for an extra detoxifying kick. 

This may sound funny but before you actually get into that warm inviting water, apply a generous amount of oil onto your skin.

This is important because by applying body oil before you shower, you create a barrier between your skin and the shower water, which helps prevent your skin from drying out. It's because oils contain occlusive agents, which increase skin’s hydration levels by providing a physical barrier to keep it from losing any water! 

And if you're feeling a little blah, or have a chill try this for an extra boost! 

If you want to amp up the healing energy vibe, maybe you add some rose petals to the water. Set some of your crystals around your bathtub. Pour yourself a glass of wine or a cuppa tea. Spread some honey on your face for a sweet and simple mask.

And above all, act as if creating this relaxing little sanctuary is for a real goddess (who just happens to be you :)

Jan 07, 2018

How far you have evolved since we met, my friend! Take care, Pat

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