Eating Disorders + Skincare: Graydon's Journey

Eating Disorders + Skincare: Graydon's Journey

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Riddled with eating disorders as a young woman and having spent some years in France growing up, my love and obsession for food came quite naturally to me but healthy eating habits did not.  

Pursuing a contract in packaged goods marketing in the cookie industry helped pay my bills and working part-time as a pastry chef fed my unhealthy binge/starve food habit.

I found myself in absolute burn out having fainted one day, and an ensuing trip to the hospital resulted in me being put in the mental health ward for a couple of weeks to get my health back.

Forced to consume of what I would call a diet of ‘fake food’ to put some pounds on me (think milkshakes from a tin, overcooked pork chops with reconstituted gravy and cherry pie filling served over jello with Cool Whip) I didn’t really receive much nourishment for my body or my mind BUT when I finally left I was determined never to be in lockdown again.

I  was determined to get better and create a new me so I took my power suits to the consignment store. Cut my hair super short. Left my marketing gig. Signed up to do an intensive yoga program and started making sh*t (skin concoctions) in between having anxiety attacks and downward dogs.

I got heavily into the vegan, whole food world and my fascination with food became very health oriented. Foods like the humble avocado began replacing my cravings for sugar, alcohol and dairy. Slowly but surely, I started cultivating healthy eating habits rather than allowing a poor diet to ruin my lifestyle. I started cooking for people on the side to help them heal too. It didn’t happen overnight, but combined with more therapy than anyone would ever want, I started to feel and look better too.

My yoga and mindful meditation practice helped me connect to my body and I found that I had an undiscovered gift for nurturing others. Recipe development came naturally which lent itself to making yoga related products like healing oils, ayurvedic creams for redness and calming mists for anxiety. Soon enough I had women knocking at my door to teach them about the sacred act of restorative yoga and self-care.

This community of women loved buying my handcrafted products because they had already experienced their profound results in my classes. I loved that they affectionately likened my creams to being comparable to a 'salad for your skin'

As a budding entrepreneur, I didn’t know the endgame, but I was on my way to where we are today.

What helped me? Hard knocks. Listening to my body rather than failing to listen. Finding peace over a less than perfect childhood. And starting over again and again. Just starting. Honestly, I can't tell you how many times I've had to pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again.

Little did I know that my unhealthy connection to food would actually lead me to create a superfood skincare line -- very much inspired by the mindfulness movement and for me having to make good choices for myself, not to just survive but to thrive. 

My products aren’t just good for your skin, they elevate your health and well being and I like to think that our cult-worthy products are not only helping people’s complexions but that they are nurturing a far-reaching community and our planet at large.  

To learn about Graydon's favourite self-care tips, DIY recipes and to build up your arsenal of self-care products, you can book a one-on-one Tea with Graydon session.

Feb 09, 2018

Best tea and product consultation I’ve ever had! I’m so happy I came across it and your line! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! It really helps understand your amazing insight into products and their healing ingredients.

Maria Velve

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