Dry Brushing 101: Remember, Your Skin Is Your Largest Organ So You Best Take Care Of It!

Dry Brushing 101: Remember, Your Skin Is Your Largest Organ So You Best Take Care Of It!

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As Meghan told us in our post on dry brushing basics she goes onto say that ‘There's a ton of icky buildup that collects on your skin. So, not only will you be eliminating the accumulated toxins when you dry brush, you'll be getting your skin into much better shape. Skin brushing increases lymphatic drainage, reduces cellulite and best of all gets you glowing.’

 Here’s My Tips on How To Dry Brush: 

  • Making small clockwise circles while holding my brush, I start at my feet. I continue moving upwards making sure I cover my legs, groin, buttocks, torso, belly, arms, hands, back, neck and shoulders, all the while making little circles towards my heart
  • Although skin brushing is amazing to wake you up in the morning, I prefer to do it at before my night time bath because it helps me shed (no pun in tended) the weight of my day and I swear, I always sleep better because it’s so relaxing.
  • I love using a few drops of my germs away essential oil (link to product page)on my brush. I just add a few drops onto the palm of my hand and move the brush over my hand so the bristles can absorb the oil
  • Be sure to wash your brush once a week with a natural soap (see below for my recommendation) and let dry fully.
  • If I need an extra boost of moisture in addition to using my Elixir Oil post bath or shower, I layer on a little of our All Over Face + Body Lotion (link to product page) so that when I get up in the morning my skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Now that you’ve got Dry Brushing 101 under you belt, it’s time to lock yourself in the bathroom and get glowin’. Your skin will love it and that’s prob the best Valentine’s present you could ask for.

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