My AM and PM Skincare Routine

My AM and PM Skincare Routine

My skincare routine is surprisingly simple. Even though I love trying new skincare products from time to time I've gotten to the point where I understand which products work well for my dry, finicky skin and can streamline my beauty routine to include items that will give me a natural looking glow without much guess work. 

Here are my go to products in my AM and PM skincare routine. 

AM Skincare Routine 

am skincare routine

In the morning I like to start off with my Aloe Milk Cleanser since it does a great job of cleansing while conditioning my skin. I love it’s fresh grapefruit and gentle geranium smell which leaves me feeling uplifted. Using this with the Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge leaves my skin feeling super clean and free from dead skin cells that have built up overnight. 

I like to follow up with a few spritzes of Face Food Mineral Mist as my toner. It's full of minerals to help keep my face looking healthy and hydrated. 

Afterwards I apply a pump or two of Super Sensitive Skin Stuff which is a great moisturizer for sensitive reactive skin. This is a really lightweight cream that hydrates the skin and acts as a nice base before make up. 

Since I don't like to wear a lot of make up I just go in with my Face Glow to help nourish my skin (it's full of moisturizing oils like pumpkin seed) and the mica gives my complexion a bit of a glow and added luminosity. 


PM Skincare Routine

pm skincare routine

After a long day I always make sure to double cleanse. I go in with a few drops of Keto Cleanse. This pre cleansing oil melts make up and grime - and I never tire of it’s seriously yummy aroma.

I apply it with the Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge to give myself a nice little facial massage after a tiring day and to increase blood circulation. 

My skin feels pretty well moisturized after using our Keto Cleanse but I like to follow up with some Aloe Milk Cleanser as well to make sure my face is spotless clean and properly primed for hydration.

Using my effleurage technique, I apply 4 drops of my beloved Fullmoon Serum. This is fast absorbing water-based serum contains a botanical retinol which gives no irritation and it really helps boost my hydration. 

I like using a heavier cream at night so I usually reach for the Putty. It's full of great ingredients like turmeric and hemp seed oil which calm helps my red, sometimes irritated skin. 

Once I massage in the Putty, I lock it all in with a few spritz of Face Food so the actives penetrate more deeply while I sleep.  

As my very last step, I like to visualize clear skin. I find that doing this mental exercise every day 

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