Introducing Our New Superfood Mask + Scrub!

Introducing Our New Superfood Mask + Scrub!

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Before you experiment with getting something harsh like an acid peel with high hopes for clear, even skin tone, take a chill pill and read why our new formulated Superfood Mask + Scrub might be just what the doctor ordered!

Here’s the skinny on why the 15 superfood ingredients in our new formula makes it such a great face exfoliator scrub: 

Glacial clay - sourced from the northern coast of British Columbia, it truly is a unique 'living clay' which helps to nourish, purify, heal and soothe your skin. Hard to find in its true form, the variety of clay Graydon uses is called 'montmorillonite' which is a by-product of hundreds of thousands of years of mineralization from volcanic ash.

Zeolite - works to absorb toxins and sludge.

Ground chia seeds - help speed up skin repair.

White willow bark - helps your skin to gently shed dead flakey cells.

Shiitake mushroom - helps to brighten your skin.

Cinnamon - smells yummy and helps plump your skin.

Vitamin C - assists in repairing damaged tissue and helps speed up your cell renormalization process.

Green coffee extract  - a potent free radical buster.

Licorice root - promotes skin elasticity and fights inflammation.

Papaya - contains an exfoliating fruit enzyme and helps fade hyper-pigmentation.

Activated charcoal - aids in detoxification.

Vitamin d2 (from button mushrooms) - help promote skin healing.

Diatomaceous Earth - is a naturally occurring fresh water sediment, composed of microscopic remains of prehistoric phytoplankton. It has a soft powdery texture which unlike a typical exfoliant which will help release dead skin cells, without irritating your skin.

Meteorite Powder (yes, from an actual meteor from outer space!) - is incredibly rare with a highly unusual exfoliating quality. This powder Graydon uses is specially designed to be super smooth and not gritty on the skin.

Astaxanthin (red algae) - helps revitalize your skin from photo ageing.

Also note that sodium bicarbonate is no longer in our formula.

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