Acne creams and alcohol based toners ✔ Microdermabrasion ✔ Grueling regimens of medications and even antibiotics ✔

Acne creams and alcohol based toners ✔ Microdermabrasion ✔ Grueling regimens of medications and even antibiotics ✔

Well if that sounds familiar, all I gotta say is that you’re not alone. Yes, of course, you can go to your dermo and get a prescription for a bunch of things (topical and antibiotics) but if you just rely on these products to treat your skin issues, you’re probably not going to get any long lasting results.

That means as much as it is important to have a good skincare routine, the answer to your skin woes nearly always comes from within. For example, did you know that?

Skin problems, such as acne, are often caused by a hormonal imbalance and inflammation both of which tend to be a result of poor elimination - so instead of having our metabolic waste eliminated from our body, it builds up and creates problems (like that red splotch on your face)
And when our detox pathways (think your kidneys, liver, skin, lymphatic, lungs, and GI tract) that act as a filter to wash away your waste and toxins then your lymphatic circulation gets sluggish, and your gut bacteria also get out of whack, and bingo you become prone to inflammation (acne, rosacea, eczema etc)

So Whatcha Gonna do?

To keep pimples and hot spots under control, you might want to better manage your body’s waste management systems, and to get the proper scoop on this you’ll probably want to read this book which we just happen to have on sale!
The premise of this awesome new book written by one of Toronto's most awesome nutritionists is to focus on eating nourishing foods that will help improve your elimination pathways so that your body can do a better job at getting rid of metabolic waste, toxins, leaving it more energy to balance your hormones.
More Stuff You Should Know If You Want to Tame Those Spots:

One of the major functions of the liver is to break down and remove excess hormones and toxins from our body, so you'll want to keep your liver happy (for reasons of vanity if nothing else :)

The two hormones that should be of particular interest to you are testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone is the major culprit in acne b/c it stimulates sebum production, which feeds the propionibacterium bacteria which help acne to thrive  (yup that’s the name of the nasty bacteria that likes to live in your pores)  

Evidence indicates that people who suffer from acne and skin challenges also tend to have messed up intestinal flora. The good news is that you can help to combat this with by consuming fermented food and drinks as well as probiotic supplements.

Overloading your liver with too much caffeine,
alcohol, sugar and processed foods,
leads to acne due to hormonal imbalance.

As the book explains, your liver needs nutrients such as B vitamins, glutathione, Vitamins A, C, and E, and if possible supportive herbs and spices like dandelion, turmeric, dill and caraway in order to support your detoxification pathways. Though a suggested meal plan doesn’t recommend a bottle of wine with dinner, I’m glad to say it does include lots of yummy foods that contain the above-mentioned nutrients.

Not only are whole (as in unrefined) foods important for liver detox, but they help keep the GI tract happy and working well. In contrast, it’s no surprise that processed foods will cause gut unhappiness thus increasing inflammation and oxidative stress, sebum production, all of which exacerbate acne and other chronic conditions… like stubborn inflamed skin.

I could keep going but keeping in mind this a beauty blog and not a scientific journal, I’ll limit myself to one more important subject. You can’t talk about (un)healthy skin and not mention the lymphatic system!

Impaired lymphatic circulation means that your immune system and detoxification is prob a little sluggish. The above-mentioned bacterium propionibacterium, which colonizes the follicles and glands of your skin, is also associated with giving you an immune (yup that means an inflammatory) response.  

Luckily you can proactively help counteract this inflammatory response by ‘skin brushing’ which clears your pores and stimulates your lymph, while strengthening your immune system by transporting waste to the liver and kidneys for elimination. Btw, just in case you didn't know, we just happen to have some awesome new skin brushes in stock.


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