How Blue Tansy Can Help with Inflammation

How Blue Tansy Can Help with Inflammation

Tanacetum Annuum, ​better known as blue tansy is a moroccan chamomile found in the northwestern parts of Morocco. The dried flowers of moroccan chamomile contain many terpenoids and  flavonoids that contribute to its many medicinal properties.​

Blue  tansy essential oil is prepared through steam distillation which  results in a range of colours from brilliant blue to deep green. However, after a period of storage the oil will turn dark yellow. Despite this, blue tansy will not lose its potency. 

What does blue tansy do for our skin? 

Tanacetum Annuum ​contain 37 different classes of bioactive constituents that have been isolated to  be used in cosmetics.​ 

One of these constituents is chamazulene.  Azulene has anti-inflammatory properties and is able to penetrate below the skin’s surface into deeper layers making it extremely important as topical anti-inflammatory agent.​ 

Tanacetum Annuum ​is also composed of sabinene and camphor that contribute to its antifungal activity against ​Botrytis cinerea, Helminthosporium  oryzae, Alternaria solani, Pyricularia oryzae ​and ​Verticillium dahliae​.​  Blue tansy oil has found to completely inhibit the mycelial growth of each of those fungi named above.  

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