Graydon's Cottage Adventures

Going to the cottage for me usually means running barefoot on the grass, doing a cartwheel or two, jumping in the lake, not brushing my hair, smelling the flowers, doing lots of DIY treatments, eating corn on the cob, and watching the sunset.  

I admit that I'm a bit of a workaholic but when I actually allow myself to recharge I drive north of the city to a little cottage that my great-grandparents started going to around 1908. It's a modest, simple but beautiful place -- think no shower, no heating, no dishwasher or washing machine, but I like it that way. Removing oneself from modern conveniences always helps me press the reset button. On the way up we stop for fresh picked corn (mmmmmm :))

These weekend trips are a great way to unwind, get in touch with my younger, more carefree self. When I travel I like to keep things as simple as possible but I never go without my skincare essentials. 

coffee scrub

Here I am rubbing my fave coffee scrub on my back. I also like to make a rich creamy face mask using our capsules by mixing them up with yogurt, mashed avocado, and matcha.

I usually leave this concoction on for about 20 minutes then wash it all off with a jump in the lake using our Face Foam to get any stubborn bits off, followed with a generous squirt of our Green Cream

julian the putty

The Putty happens to be my son's moisturizer of choice, particularly after a day out in the boat. Ingredients like turmeric really help with redness and inflammation while manuka honey soothes and hydrates. 

The Putty is great to have on hand since it helps calms irritated skin and you never know what you'll be exposed to when you're outside all day.


This is my niece with our office mascot, Odin who has just had a swim and a shampoo in the lake with me using our All Over Soap which of course is lake-friendly. 

Keeping my dog clean all year round (especially in the summer) is super important for me because it keeps him smelling fresh no matter what he's been rolling in.

julian lake

There's nothing like showering in the great outdoors and playing in the water.  Here's my son again having a dip after a run.

He (like most teenagers) likes to shampoo every day to keep his hair looking healthy and clean because he exercises a lot.  He has a super sensitive scalp but is able to wash daily with our Matcha Mint Shampoo and Hair Smoothie without any irritation :)


Here's my dad (aka Paulo) giving the car a good wash while enjoying the sunshine. In the city back at the office Paulo helps takes care of our accounting and deliveries from the lab but even at the cottage, he never stops working!

FYI - I find that washing your car by hand is a fun family activity and it uses so much less water (not to mention toxic chemicals that get washed down the drain into our eco- system) than going to a conventional car wash.


One of the best things about going up to the cottage is being able to all sit together and share a meal. Here's a photo of my favourite meals of the season, made by my niece who's vegan and very much into a cruelty-free lifestyle.

This plant-powered, protein-rich extravaganza is loaded with sprouted chickpeas, tempeh, calcium-rich black sesame seeds arame, avo, silica-rich radishes and celery leaves which are a great source of vitamin K. 


The echinacea (aka purple coneflower) is not just pretty - it's an amazing flower which attracts honey bees and butterflies.

I feel so grateful to these busy little pollinators because without them we wouldn't have the food we're blessed with, not to mention amazing ingredients like manuka honey which we happen to use in our Putty.

Just in case you're wondering, these two cuties are loaded up with a healthy dose of Elements all over their bodies as well as a generous application of Face Glow on their faces. And yes, boys can use Face Glow too ;)   

Are you going on any more trips now that summer is coming to an end?

Let me know where you're going and what products you will be bringing with you in the comments below!

Would love to know what your cottage essentials are :) 

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