Glowing Skin Isn't Just For Summer

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Some people think our Face Glow is more for creating an un-makeup type of look for summer but let me tell you, Face Glow is my go-to cream for locking in moisture and layering on a dewy polished look, which I think you'll love as much as I do, in these colder months ahead. There's no reason why you shouldn't have glowing skin all year round!

You probably already know that your skin tends to get a little more dry in winter so instead of using Face Glow as an alternative for a light foundation it's best to use it as a primer (over your favorite facial serum but under a concealer, bb/cc cream or foundation). And then for a little extra glow and dewiness, I dot some on my brow bone, the bridge of my nose and cheekbones.

The reason why Face Glow is so great when used as a primer is because its zinc based so it acts as a sponge to evenly absorb your make up in a very smooth uniform fashion. It's like a perfect canvas to make your skin look great! The mica we use in it illuminates your complexion so you actually get glowing skin but in a grown-up, subtle, sophisticated sort of way :)

Nuvo Magazine recently included the Face Glow in their top favourite illuminating moisturizers list, you can check out the article here

Hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

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