Brighten Your Complexion With This Easy Facial Routine

Brighten Your Complexion With This Easy Facial Routine


Blending a pump or two of our creamy Aloe Milk Cleanser with one of our Superfood Capsules is a brilliant one-step facial. I like to call it an 'insta-facial'.

I like to do this every Sunday evening because I love starting my week with a super fresh looking (and feeling!) face.

This is also the evening I schedule in some self-care time to soak in a bath, shave my legs, double wash and condition my hair, and apply moisturizer all over my body. It's my 'me-time' and I literally schedule it into my calendar.

When using our Superfood Mask + Scrub, you’re obvi going to need to start with a clean face (preferable damp) so give it a wash!

Note that to open the capsule, it’s important to use fingers that do not have any cream or oil on them. You will need a little grip on your fingertips to twist the capsule apart.

I find that it’s easy enough to open the capsule into the palm of my hand but if you’re doing this for the first time, you can use a small bowl or just pour the contents onto our Konjac Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal. 

Pump a squirt (or three) of Aloe Milk Cleanser onto the Superfood Powder and use your fingers to mix it up.

If you want to do more of a DIY instant facial, feel free to jeuge it up with some plain unsweetened (if possible, high fat) yogurt (to introduce healthy probiotics onto your face), raw honey (which has natural anti-microbial qualities) or even a papaya puree (which has amazing enzymes to help your skin shed dead skin cells) then proceed to spread this concoction all over your face.

If you want to make a larger batch so that you can cover your neck and decollete, that would be a smart thing to do because those are 2 areas which often get ignored in a beauty routine and areas of the body that are very prone to premature aging.

Apply the facial mask using wet fingertips, and if possible give yourself a minimum of 5 minutes to let it all the amazing superfoods sink into your skin. If you feel like it’s getting dry, just spritz yourself with a little Face Food Mineral Mist.

Tbh, I like to relax into one of my favourite restorative yoga poses, so I pull my yoga mat out and in the corner of my bedroom I lie down and swing my legs up the wall.

viparita karani

This gentle immersion always helps me to ‘get me in my body’ which is a perfect precursor to getting ready for bed. I usually put my headphones on, or  meditate about my ever growing, always changing gratitude list. I usually spend about 10 minutes in this position - sometimes less if I'm short on time, and sometimes more especially if I doze off. 

When ready, I just swing my legs back down and walk over to the sink to massage the facial mask off my face. 

Note that this massaging process is an important part of getting all the benefits of the superfoods because it is this massage process which heightens their potency and by doing so, you are also loosening dead skin cells on your face and improving circulation and blood flow. I always try to spend extra time pressing on pressure point under my cheekbones, jaw and between my eyebrows. 

acupressure points

(Image via Acupressure Points Guide) 

That said, please dampen your fingers to take the facial mask off, and when massaging your face try to focus on the nooks and crannies where you pores might be clogged or enlarged such as the crevices of your nose and chin.

Take your time and when done just splash your face with an ample amount of warm water to make sure all the mask has been fully washed away.

Note that if you are in a rush and need to look your best for a night out you can simplify this process by eliminating the DIY options and limiting the time you keep it on your face to just a few minutes.

It’s not as deep a treatment but this instant facial will definitely get your skin fresh and glowy. 

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