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The 6 in 6six Challenge
from our friend Dr. Meghan Walker

As you know, change can be hard. We’ve been there. But more often than not, what lies on the other side of change and getting out of your comfort zone is amazing. But if there is one thing that can help catapult you into making real changes in your life, it’s not willpower. It’s accountability. If you’re looking to gain more energy, lose some weight and feel your best as we move into summer, we want to help.

We’ve teamed up with Naturopathic Doctor; Entrepologist, Dr. Meghan Walker, for the 6in6ix Challenge to help badass women adopt the top 6 lifestyle habits of her most successful clients. This is a chance to make the changes you need to catapult you to the next level of awesomeness. These habits aren't difficult. The trick however, is not doing them just once, but implementing them as part of your ongoing life-style. To help with this, 6 in 6ix is a group challenge, running in our Facebook group with other amazing women. Collectively, we will be cheering you on, helping you push through and inspiring you to be your badass-self.

Here’s how it will work:
  • 1 habit change each week for the next 6 weeks (you got this!)
  • Each Sunday night you will receive an introduction to the upcoming habit change. This email will come with basic tips and resources.
  • Most of the fun, cheerleading and group resources will be shared in the Legacy Facebook group.
  • As you engage, add your friends and support the group, you will be eligible to win weekly prizes from the ridiculously awesome list of Legacy Partners (that’s where we come in!)
Are you ready? Let’s do this.
Register for the FREE 6in6ix Challenge here:

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