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One of our brand ambassadors, Spencer from Mountain Obsession, hit the slopes recently and took our Hand + Foot Relief along for the ride! Check it out here:

When it comes to winter, my mind switches gears and craves one thing and one thing only: deep powder. Every weekend, I wax my split-board, gather my friends, turn on my avalanche beacon and go exploring in the Rocky Mountains. Recently, I went on a 3 day hut trip in Rogers Pass, BC. This stunning place is known as Canada's Winter Wonderland. Choked with snow, this network of avalanche fields, steep and deep trees rock my world. Throw in a mix of great vibes with friends and it isn't hard to imagine why I continually return to this mecca. 

Split-boarding, or ski touring with a snowboard sawed in half, involves your full body and it can take a beating and can be the ultimate work-out for your glutes and hamstrings. Your feet also sweat, take a beating from branches and icy pelts and they can start to look run down from ski boots. The same goes for your hands: gloves coming on and off, freezing and thawing with cold winter air pulling moisture right out of them. 

This is why I turn to Graydon's Hand + Food Relief. I pop the bottle in my backpack and apply it at the end of the day once I have "cleaned up" in the hut. This amazing cream is scented with citrus and fine herbs to get rid of the stink and kill germs from a hard day in the mountains . Trust me, I have people compliment my smell in the hut, which is saying something when it is full of sweaty, wet gear and wood smoke (I love this by the way!). The anti-microbial properties of this organic product is an added bonus. The green nature of this product fits well with my ethos and the idea of living for today while respecting the environment.

Finally, for someone with a few tattoos, Hand + Foot Relief is great for ensuring the ink doesn't pull out. After all, my largest organ is a priority for me considering how much abuse it takes from the elements. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that the product is designed and created in Canada where the elements dictate our daily lives and made by a small team of people who actually care about the environment, your skin and your happiness!

Graydon and her team have built an amazing product and I will continue to apply the Hand + Foot Relief to my skin when it craves it the most: on the mountain.

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