Though flesh of the banana is loaded with awesome minerals like magnesium and potassium (which are awesome for you to eat) one of its best assets of this well known fruit usually ends up in your compost bin. In case, you didn't guess I'm talking about banana peels!
From helping to whiten your teeth to killing off warts, these humble peels have amazing moisturizing properties and can even help to reduce itchiness (think bug bites) but the best kept secret about banana peels is that actually help to stave off pimples!
Trust me folks, I can attest to this because I have a real live teenager at home who has used this trick many times. All you have to do is massage a piece of peel (the inside of the peel) on your face for 5 minutes, and over the course of the week you will likely see your pimple(s) disappear.  

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