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Oh my, it's a long a winding road that led me to this business I'm in. I truly love what I do but like every
 person I've had the privilege of navigating through more than a few challenging experiences and distressing times. I'll spare you the details (or maybe save them for another post) but one thing I've learned when I'm going through a rough spot is to try and give myself a few minutes to clear my head and connect with my body.

Sometimes it's been in a yoga class, sometimes lying awake at night connecting with my breath (better than fretting about not sleeping) but the most profound experience I've had in navigating through challenges is through practicing MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). 

Thankfully what was once known as being 'fringy', MBSR is getting pretty mainstream and with that the whole notion of practicing 'mindfulness' is beginning to permeate the 'head space' of many. It's almost downright trendy! People are making mindful choices now about their health, what they eat, what not drink, how they exercise, who they hang out with, what life path they pursue, and clearly who they vote for! I feel very hopeful that despite the gloomy news we often hear on the radio, I feel it in my bones that there is an epidemic of positive change coming our way, quite possibly a result of the practice of mindfulness.

One area that has been a little slower to experience the revolution of mindfulness is how people makes choices for their bodies, and what they put on them. It's taken a long time for people to have an aha moment realizing that there's not a lot of sense in eating a wholesome diet if they smother their bodies with crappy skincare products.

Honestly, it's only over the last few years that skincare companies like mine have emerged not just with non-toxic 'crunchy granola' formulations but with super amazing incredible products that are luxurious, sexy, indulgent and transformative. They are seriously game-changing, rock your world products good enough to rival big mainstream brands.
We are a funny little group of niche manufacturers in this business and even though we are each other's competitors, we share a mutual vision and have created a solid community built on our values. Its that sense of community that inspired Mindful Beauty, a group of passionate, creative, committed and overworked people to come together for a day in the same space to share our products with you!
It's a one day only event, in a stunningly beautiful studio in Leslieville...a truly extraordinary opportunity to experience all of us in one space. We all offer different things (skincare + makeup, for women, men + kids) and are extremely excited to come together so SAVE THE DATE! 

Think: Generous samples. Special deals. Delicious treats. Yummy drinks. And a community of ah-mazing brands where you get to actually meet the makers and creators. Oh, and there will even be a naturopath on hand who specializes in dermatological issues, offering complimentary mini consults so if you have a skin issue that's nagging you, she's there to help!
If you're not in Toronto, fret not, we will be periscoping the event so you can tune in live. And follow us on social media using the hashtag #MindfulBeauty leading up to the event and during the day!

Don't forget to bring your questions, your shopping list and your friends! 

'Mindfully' yours,
Graydon XO

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