How To Make a DIY Lip Scrub!

How To Make a DIY Lip Scrub!

If you have dry and chapped lips we have a great DIY lip scrub recipe for you using our Superfood Mask + Scrub! We love a multi-purpose product! Here's how:

  • Mix the contents of one capsule with 1 tsp of honey and 2 tsp of coconut oil or even ghee. 
  • Apply a thick layer on your freshly cleaned lips 
  • If you have time, let sit for up to 30 mins (take a nap, meditate) 
  • Don't worry if you end up licking your lips a bit, this is a tasty lip scrub masque :)
  • When you're ready to take take if off, massage your lips and cleanse with a warm wet washcloth or eco sponge
  • Follow with the moisturizer of your choice (such as Berry Rich Cream which is a thick, rich and unscented moisturizer).
  • Find someone to kiss, and spoon the remaining lip scrub mixture into a small bowl. Use as often as you like. If you are not going to use the contents of the jar within the week, refrigerate.

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