Spin Your Homemade Nut Milks into Anti-inflammatory Gold.

Spin Your Homemade Nut Milks into Anti-inflammatory Gold.

 Photo courtesy of Greenhouse Juice Co.

Nothing drives me more crazy than wasting food. Especially wholesome, delicious organic food.. and this whole issue really comes up for me when I make my own juice and nut milks!

It just seems such a shame to throw the leftover pulp and grounds into your green bin or compost so I’m glad to let you know I’ve recently discovered some useful ways to ‘upcycle’ some of this refuse.
The concoction I made (almost daily) to get me through winter is an almond and brazil milk infused with fresh pressed ginger and turmeric.[1] After lovingly soaking my nuts, straining and blending them, it just about kills me to toss them out so I’ve been mixing them with my leftover turmeric and ginger pulp to make an incredibly awesome anti-inflammatory face masque, which I think you’ll love too…
Here’s the face mask recipe for you:
¼ cup nut grounds [2]
1 tsp turmeric pulp [3]
1 tsp ginger pulp [4]
¼ cup coconut yogurt [5]

1. Blend all of the above in a mason jar and spread lavishly all over your freshly cleansed face. Keep on for at least 5 minutes, or more if you have time.
2. Take off in the shower or with a warm wet wash cloth.
3. Depending on the amount of juice/milk you’ve made, you might even be able to make a larger batch to use on your body too. It’s especially nice on your décolleté area. 
4. If you have some leftover you can store it in a jar, and keep in the fridge.

[1] I also add a little maple syrup for a little sweetness. It’s crazy delicious on its own, blended into a smoothie and utterly awesome in chai tea.
[2] I usually make my nut milk with almonds and brazil nuts if I haven’t picked up my weekly supply at Greenhouse Juice but you can also use hemp, cashew, flax or macadamia nuts too. When used as a masque their soft pulpy texture is a great way to infuse your skin with nourishment and moisture.
[3] Tumeric has incredible anti-inflammatory qualities and is super soothing for all skin types.
[4] Ginger is wonderful for your circulation and will help to increase blood flow in your face to revitalize a dull complexion.
[5] Coconut yogurt is a wonderful vegan option to expose your skin to a healthy dose of probiotics which help to balance the bacterial colonies on your face. I enjoy using the Yoso brand but if you don’t have any of hand you can also try plain full fat yogurt as well.

Give it a try and let us know what you think of this DIY anti-inflammatory mask! 

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