Eat Your Greens!

Graydon understands that when you use skincare products you are "feeding your skin". In her product line, you will only find "pure" plant-based ingredients with no artificial colors or fragrances. After sampling two of Graydon's products, I can easily describe them as effective, lightly scented, and balanced with only essential ingredients. I love how Graydon adds, "...and nothing else" to the end of her ingredient lists. True honesty in full disclosure labeling. It is readily apparent that Graydon cares deeply about sourcing as well as clean-quality ingredients.











Today, I tried Graydon's Hair Smoothie. It is truly spectacular! Most conditioners (I find) are so heavy and thick that they completely weigh your hair down. Thick conditioners can leave your hair looking and feeling lifeless. They can also be hard to apply and wash out of your hair. The Hair Smoothie is the total opposite. The texture is thin, creamy, and light. The light texture easily penetrates your hair and scalp. After shampooing, you apply it to your hair and allow it to rest for a few minutes. Then, simply rinse clean. You can also leave the Hair Smoothie in your freshly washed locks overnight. A duel purpose product that can be use as an overnight hair mask! Can you smell the herbal goodness wafting in your hair? 

The Hair Smoothie scent is clean, pleasant, and balanced to perfection. Upon first whiff, you smell notes of thyme and rosemary. The light herbal scent of rosemary, thyme, parsley, and sage linger long after you have applied and rinsed. Broccoli seed oil is included for hair nutrition and moisturizing that is feeding your hair! On another note, my hair is thick and wavy and can feel weighed down after washing. After using the Hair Smoothie, I was amazed that my hair had volume! It feels light as a feather and smooth as silk! That never happens with my hair. Quite frankly, I am in love with the Hair Smoothie. The Hair Smoothie will quickly become one with your routine beauty regimen.

Heather Paulding is the author and Eco blogger of Spunky Real Deals, LLC. 

She is also the Founder of The Virginia Bloggers Club and Eco Bathhouse, LLC.


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