Acupuncture: No Need for Needle Anxiety

Acupuncture: No Need for Needle Anxiety

I have to admit I was a little scared the first time I tried acupuncture a few years ago. The prospect of having needles inserted all over me was somewhat daunting as I do not have a great pain tolerance...

But when I met doctor Dr. Ip (I call her Fanny :) through Mount Sinai’s Rehab & Wellbeing Centre she quickly put me at ease and within 10 minutes into my treatment, I relaxed and sank into a super deep zen-like state. In fact, I didn’t even want to wake up when she gently reminded me the session was over.  

Fanny recently came over to our Riverdale studio to pick some of our products up for herself and she brought some of acu-needles with her to calm my anxiety. And yes, that's me in the photo having a treatment with her. Look closely and you'll see the tiny little needles in my face!!

My primary motivation in trying acupuncture was to find an effective method to help me deal with chronic anxiety and insomnia but little did I know that my middle-aged face age would also become super rejuvenated through after a few treatments!

In fact, every time I have an acu treatment, I swear someone says something like ‘You look so good, did you just get a blow dry?' I laugh and say no, I just got a bunch of needles stuck in me - lol :)

In case you're curious (and as explained on Mt. Sinai's website) acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine practice that strengthens the immune system by increasing white blood cell count, manages pain by releasing endorphins, and improves sleep by modifying physiological functions of the brain. Among other things, it helps with stress disorders, fatigue and in my case facial spasms. Plus my hair has even started to grow faster and thicker, due to the fact I have happier adrenal glands... thanks again to those needles.

Some people think it's hocus pocus but I'm a living testament to how it works. Acupuncture has seriously enabled me to avoid taking anti-depressants and sleeping pills... Plus the facial component of it demonstrates that botox isn't really necessary.

Hope this post inspires you to schedule in some self-care too. You are so worth it!!

Graydon xo


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