Blackheads bugging you?

Blackheads bugging you? Well, I've got a great DIY tip for you! First of all, blackheads are not dirt - they are plugged pores with oxidized sebum. Instead of squeezing them you can help dislodge these little balls of goo...


Just blend a little squirt of our All Over Soap with a bit of The Cleanser and mix in a pinch of baking soda.

Gently massage all over your face + rinse with warm water followed with a spritz of our Face Food Mist (the silver in it will help kill the bacteria on your face, and the zinc will help with reducing inflammation)

Lastly, dab on a drop of our Lavender Chamomile Sandalwood essential oil blend to super soothe red irritated spots.

Repeat on a regular basis, and begin to watch those nasty black dots disappear.


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