Window Shopping

Window Shopping

For the longest time I have had a bit of an obsession with looking at skin care products. You could call me a product nerd. I like going into drug stores, beauty supply stores and health food markets and just looking at all the pretty bottles and labels facing me.

I particularly enjoyed this when I lived in Pasadena in the early 90's. I had gone there to go to art school but I think I spent more time going into stores and just looking at stuff. I literally spent hours in just looking at product displays at places Trader's Joe's, Wild Oats, Whole Foods and I loved the glam but laid back feel of Fred Segal's. Just being there made me feel good. Thank goodness I didn't actually shop that much! I would still be paying off those bills.

It amazed me that some skincare products looked stunning but had crappy ingredients. I just can't buy something that has ingredient names I cannot pronounce.

Others had amazing formulations and ingredients lists but were seriously unattractive looking (not a good way to make your bathroom pretty). I like my 'granola crunchy' but I don't necessarily want it to look that. Know what I mean?? 

Once in a blue moon, some lines looked nice + had decent stuff in them, but holy crap, the price was beyond ridiculous. Don't know about you, but I demand value got my money and no matter what the label claim I'm not going to senselessly throw my hard earned moula away.

So over 20 years ago, I realized there was a empty niche in the market to make a garbage free skin care product line that looked great that didn't cost you your whole pay cheque.     

Fast forward a few years and a couple of jobs in mainstream packaged good marketing, chef school, one child, an ex-husband, a bunch of years teaching yoga + lots of learning) and here I am now. 

Its not like this came easy or quickly, I had to start off whipping up batches of body oil and face cream in my basement... I've had to learn about manufacturing processes within a lab... have had the pleasure and challenge of studying with a plethora of holistic practitioners,  chemists and designers but finally...

Those years of window shopping have finally paid off. My own line of products. GraydonSkincare. com has emerged.

Skincare products that will look great lined up along your sink. Skincare products that all the members of your family will enjoy using. Skincare products that has outstanding ingredients which work to meet your skin's many needs. Let me know how you like it!

A sampling of GRAYDON Skincare products.

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