Your skin is your largest organ. It gets hungry. So feed it well with plant based skin nutrition...

Your skin is your largest organ. It gets hungry. So feed it well with plant based skin nutrition...

This is the tag line that gets automatically pasted into my outgoing emails. Factual and benign, I thought BUT apparently not!

It has been brought to my attention by a male friend that men think that their largest organ may be something else. Hahaha... I totally cracked up when I realized how this could be misconstrued. Guess I may need to reconsider an alternate tag line. Let me know if you have any ideas!

So just to be clear, this blog is about skin nutrition and how you can nourish your body with oils, extracts and juices derived from plant based foods like fruits, vegetables and herbs which are loaded with vitamins and minerals from the earth. 

Speaking of which, I am lucky enough to be on a vacay with my family right now. The people here in Costa Rica are beautiful and their skin is glowing. No coincidence that this must have something to do with their fruit rich diet! Take a look at the fruit in this market...

After I tried out surfing for the first time ever yesterday; my sea salt and sun exposed body was more than a little parched. I had slathered myself in my sun cream which worked fabulously well-- but to infuse my 40+ year old skin with an extra infusion of moisture, I mashed up equal parts of fresh cut ripe mango, avocadopapaya and slathered the concoction all over- even on my hair! 

The cool creaminess of this fruit mask cooled and hydrated my skin and I got the added benefit of a gentle fruit enzyme/acid peel. I could have gone to the spa here but to tell you the truth, I find it way more fun (not to mention cost effective) to create my own spa treatments. Btw, you don't have to be in a warm climate to benefit from a fruit mask this. Try it in your own home! (And experiment using any leftover fruit in some morning smoothie recipes :) 

Now I'm off to get some fresh ground Costa Rican coffee to blend up with some locally produced coconut oil and honey to make a nourishing foot scrub. It's going smell and feel awesome. 

Contact me if you want some more self care recipes. I've got lots...

Until next month... here's wishing you a Happy Healthy New Year filled with lots great 'self care'!

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