Iyashi loves Hair Smoothie

Iyashi loves Hair Smoothie

Are you interested in playing with Graydon products before you buy them? Visit Iyashi Bedrock Spa for a relaxing spa, pilates and/or yoga experience, and finish it off in their showers by lathering our All Over Soap + Shampoo from head to toe, and then use our hair conditioner, the Hair Smoothie

We are so happy to have our products in Iyashi's showers - it's a great way to finish off an invigorating spa treatment or workout. 

Did you know that Iyashi is the first Japanese rock bathing spa in North America? It is located at 2662 Yonge street in midtown Toronto, but when you enter, it will transport you to Japan. The Japanese imported black silica bedrocks sweat stress, toxins and calories away. 

Speaking of our Hair Smoothie...make sure to participate in our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale, from Nov. 29 - Dec. 2. When you purchase any Graydon product, you will receive one free bottle of our hair conditioner. The Hair Smoothie will keep your locks soft and beautiful this holiday season. Email us or enter promo code LUSTYLOCKS online at checkout to take advantage of this offer. 

Mar 12, 2018

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