Let's get YOUR list crossed off.

Let's get YOUR list crossed off.

Leave any holiday gift giving stress you may have here....

Now, read on! 

We are officially in countdown mode for Christmas, it's less than two weeks away! Have you bought for everyone on your list?  We have compiled the perfect last minute holiday gifts for everyone you may need to buy for. Graydon has got your holiday gift giving list covered...with gifts all under $29!




Face Food Mineral Mist - $29

Treat a lady in your life to this elemental mineral mist. It will have her feeling refreshed!

Berry Rich Cream - $29

What woman doesn't like the colour pink? Better yet, a pink cream to moisturize her face? This looks fabulous every lady's bathroom shelf. 

Lavender Rosemary Blood Orange AromaBlend - $25

An AromaBlend that will have her smelling beautiful and feeling great!





All Over Soap + Shampoo - $17

An invigorating soap that can be used as a shampoo, face and body wash. The perfect addition to a man's shower. 

Hand + Foot Relief - $24

Men get dry hands too! Make sure his hands are kept soft this winter season.

Eau Pour Garcons - $13

Stinky gym bags and lockers be gone! This is a must have for every man.





Super Sensitive Skin Stuff - $29

Keep you baby's skin soft and free of toxic chemicals with Super Sensitive Skin Stuff. 

All Over Elixir Oil - $22

One little squirt of this oil in the bath will smooth and sooth you baby's angelic skin.

All Over Soap + Shampoo - $17 

A non-toxic, calming soap for your baby. Praised by Meghan Telpner in her health washing article.  




All Over Soap + Shampoo - $17

The perfect soap for any t(w)een. Great in the shower as a shampoo and body wash and for those with sensitive OR oily skin. 

The Germs Away Mist - $13

Keep a bottle of The Mist in your t(w)een's lunch bag or backpack to kill of germs in a healthy way. 

Hair Smoothie - $24 

A green conditioner? How cool is that?! Also free of silicone, to keep your t(w)een clean and healthy!

All Over Face + Body Lotion - $25

Every t(w)een will love applying this lotion post-shower. One bottle for their whole body, including their face. 


All Over Soap + Shampoo - $17

Thinking up the perfect host gift can be tricky. Bring our All Over Lotion for the whole family to enjoy - it's also just as much as a nice bottle of wine that you would've spent the money on.

Hand + Foot Relief - $24

Everyone needs a good hand and foot cream, the whole family will fight over this.  For a combo host gift idea, tie a bow around the All Over Soap and Hand + Foot Relief!


Hand & Foot Relief - $24

Great for everyone on the list, Santa may just want to put one in everyone's stocking. 


Green Cream - $24

Green skin-nutrition in a bottle. 

Happy shopping! Graydon is happy to provide silver gift bags for wrapping upon request.

Just give her a call if you have a special request 647.297.9642

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