This One's For The Fellas

Some of you have had the pleasure of meeting my Dad. He’s a lovely, gentle man. Not to mention handsome, hard working and soft spoken.
When I started making skincare products he had recently retired and was looking forward to having some down time, but seeing me flounder with this start up business while 
also looking after a young son, on my own) he quickly ‘picked up the pieces’ without me having to ask. He just rolled up his sleeves and to this day, hasn’t stopped helping.        
Talk about a godsend, I could not have thrived or easily survived without him – and you would not be enjoying any of these products without this fine gentleman. Affectionately known as Paulo, there is rarely a day that goes by that he doesn’t check in with me. 

Fast forward a few years, and I’m proud to say we have an excellent team working at our studio now (Mitch, Corey + Danielle you are awesome :) but Paulo still keeps ‘the books’ in check, goes to the post office for us and even brings us snacks to make sure we have lunch. 

I’ll be honest, there are a few areas in my personal life that have been a bit challenging but being blessed with such an amazing father has made up for a lot! 

He recently turned 78 and has some health issues but I sure hope that Paulo continues to work with us and witness our little business thrive. I feel supremely grateful to be celebrating Father’s Day with him this June 19th. 



Now about that Father’s Day thing! It’s typically hard to get men gifts so here are some foolproof options that he’s bound to like, and won't break your bank:
1.     Soap. Yup, men like soap. No fuss soap, they can use on all their body parts from head to toe. Tall, dark and handsome our 
All Over Soap + Shampoo, housed in a gorgeous blue bottle, is a crowd pleaser. You’ll like how he smells after showering too. ($19)

2.     Everyman needs a stinky boy spray (aka 
Eau Pour Garçons) to de-funk his junk, like gym bag, sneakers, car, bathroom and cell phone too. ($15)

3.     Not sure what it is about men, but the vast majority I know don’t like using lotion which is really too bad, 
b’cuz besides the fact that soft a smooth face and well-groomed hands + feet are not only nice looking, but they help promote good health. Poorly moisturized skin promotes unpleasant conditions, like chafed skin, red irritated hang-nails, cracked elbows and don't get me started on feet. All of these areas (especially in older adults) are prone to infection when the skin is not properly sealed… and that’s just plain unhealthy. You can help stop that cycle for a mere $27 with our All Over Face + Body Lotion!

Click HERE for a list of our stockists of where you can pick up something special for you dad:


 If you are lucky enough to have a Dad in your life, here’s hoping you can give him an extra long hug :) 

With love to you + yours,
 - Graydon xo

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