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graydon aloe milk cleanser

We are thinking about changing our Aloe Milk Cleanser from our current sizes of 50ml ($25) and 240ml ($49) and only make ONE size, 100ml ($32).

What do you think, would you buy the larger size as the only option? Click HERE to comment with your answer!
Apr 29, 2016

I like the 50 ml size for travel….does not leak, adequate quantity . I buy the 50 ml moisturizer & 50 ml cleanser for travel purposes as they are perfect sizes.

I like the $$ value & the easier way to pump the larger size for home usage.

100 ml is the maximum allowed for air travel through security, but it is too large a size to bring on my trips. I think I would have to transfer some to a smaller container, which I guess would be OK.


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